Message from Our Director

Nava Ein-MorDear Friends,

I had the great privilege to lead the "Yad LaKashish" organization since 1989, to develop and expand it, and by doing so – to provide thousands of low-income elderly with the opportunity of financial and social integration.

The organization's guiding principle is that the elderly must be allowed to remain a productive factor in our society. In the artistic Arts-and-Crafts workshops which operate in our complex in the Morasha neighborhood of Jerusalem, our elderly receive training and financial reimbursement for their work. In addition, they are provided with an extensive system of various services such as free hot lunch, travel fare, dental care, all this in addition to intergenerational programs and a supportive and creative community in which they work on a daily basis.

Even though "Yad LaKashish" exists since 1962, the social and humane values it represents are true today more than ever. The prolonged life expectancy accompanied by a large number of needy elderly pose many challenges to the Israeli society. The unique way in which the organization operates offers not only a personal approach to the hundreds of elderly who work here, but also a model of inspiration to the society at large.

You are welcome to take part in various ways, such as visiting the complex for a tour of the artistic workshops, purchasing the special hand made products made by our elderly and making a donation, which will allow us to continue our work towards implementing the values we represent. 



Nava Ein-Mor
Executive Director


Every day, more than 300 elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents depend on Yad LaKashish to make their Golden Years shine.




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